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Bryan David

Bryan David is my two and a half year old grandson. I love Bryan's intelligence and curiosity, his joyful laugh and playful, loving nature.



Bryan enjoys going to the park across the street and he loves animals; he's very gentle with them

Dwights Bunnies with Bryan.JPG (50496 bytes)

BryansFishing7-20-00.JPG (102408 bytes) BryanFishing7-20-00.JPG (79568 bytes) BryanCaughtAFish7-20-00.JPG (89273 bytes)
Bryan's Fishing In His Pool He Has A Bite! Bryan Caught A Fish
Bryan Loves To Help With The Gardening

4M file (very large)


It took Bryan 3 days to get the courage to climb to the top of this Chip Pile.

Bryan loves to pose for the camera.

Bryan David - My Little Man
Here's Bryan with a  Spiky Hairstyle
Just like his Uncle Greg

Bryan Fixing His Car
Bryan is a very intelligent child with an insatiable interest in tools and fixing things and a remarkable awareness and comprehension of any type of technology. Bryan watches everyone and everything to learn how things work; he is especially fond of computers, telephones and cameras. 

Night, Night, Bryan
Bryan sleeps well after playing hard.

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