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My Grandson Bryan

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Any chance this can wait until I am finished eating breakfast?

           This is what a squirrel looks like!


CuttingGrassWithPapa7-23-00.jpg (126467 bytes)
BryanCuttingGrass7-23-00.jpg (110582 bytes)

I'll help you, Pappa

No problem, I can handle this.



Bryan with Dwight's Bunnies9-6-00.JPG (30750 bytes)
Bryan has a snake9-4-00.JPG (44253 bytes)
BryansSnake9-4-00.JPG (72889 bytes)
What's for dinner? Hello, friend! Ohhh, look at that!

Bryan When He Was Younger

Bryan 6 monthsBryan&DaveBryan 9 monthsBryan&Chrissy Nov.99

Bryan likes hockey and has been working on his stick handing skills; this winter he'll learn to skate; he may become a professional hockey player one day, possibly for the Detroit Red Wings if they're lucky. Bryan also enjoys walks, gardening, cooking, drawing, video games, arts & crafts, bowling, playing Hackey Sack and hanging out with his Uncles and his doggies.


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