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Improve Your Game


  1. Trash the carts and spiky  shoes, they're for sissy's.
  2. Same with the "outfits."
  3. Wear roller blades, they already have nice paved pathways for you.
  4. Everyone uses the same ball, just make sure you get to it first.
  5. Swing those clubs as much as you want, just be the one to get the ball in first.
  6. Wear protection and watch out for the other guy's clubs.
  7. Fighting allowed.
  8. Bonus Tip: Practice your game on the computer as much as possible, it keeps you in shape during the off season.


  1. Checking allowed.
  2. That's it, there's not much hope for bowling.


  1. Flood the floor and make ice.
  2. Design spring action ice-skates.
  3. Checking allowed, but only in front of the net.


  1. Go outside to play.
  2. 16 games is called "practice" not a season.
  3. Checking still allowed.


  1. Stop breaking up the fights, it's hockey, they're tough!

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