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Bryan David

Bryan David is my two and a half year old grandson. I am charmed by Bryan's intelligence and curiosity, his joyful laugh and playful, loving nature.

Bryan is anxiously awaiting the birth of his first baby cousin any day now. 

Bryan at the park across the street.

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Bryan's Fishing In His Pool He Has A Bite! Bryan Caught A Fish

Bryan Loves To Help With The Gardening

It took Bryan 3 days to get the courage to climb this Chip Pile.


Bryan loves to pose for the camera.

Bryan David - My "Little Man"
Here's Bryan with a  Spiky Hairstyle
Just like his Uncle Greg

Bryan Fixing His Car
Bryan is a very intelligent child with an insatiable interest in tools and fixing things and a remarkable awareness and comprehension of any type of technology. Bryan watches everyone and everything to learn how things work; he is especially fond of computers, telephones and cameras. 

Night, Night, Bryan
Bryan sleeps well after playing hard.

Bryan David, Younger

Bryan likes hockey and has been working on his stick handing skills; he may become a professional hockey player one day, possibly for the Detroit Red Wings, if they're lucky. Bryan also enjoys playing Hackey Sack and hanging out with his Uncles and his doggies.

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